"Ann organised and reorganised the book so that it flowed more easily and all this happened in such a subtle way."


Rosie Lowry, Author

Book Writing





Content Writing



Proof &




"Your work is nothing less than sheer brilliance."


Richard Mead,

Wealthball Marketing

Everyone has a book in them, so the saying goes. It’s probably true. However, not everyone has the time, inclination, or in fact the confidence to put pen to paper and get going. Sometimes even the thought can be pretty scary!


Over the years I have ghostwritten and contributed to a wide range of books including topics such as wellbeing, spirituality, mindfulness, business, marketing, wealth and abundance, addictions and recovery, relationships, animal behaviour, biography, climate change and shamanism.


If you are looking to write a book which accompanies your business – for example to boost credibility or to take what you do out to a wider market – then you may wish to talk to me.


I also offer a full project management service to the self-publishing author which includes cover design, typesetting, proofreading/editing, formatting, liaison with printing companies and ISBN/barcode applications.

Content Writing

When it comes to communicating what you do in writing, do you know what you want to say but then stare at a blank screen or piece of paper, unsure of where to start? Would it help to know you are not alone? Like asking someone who is not an artist to draw, asking someone whose primary role within a business to write content can be quite daunting.


Many of my clients come to me because they know they need to somehow communicate their message in a way that is clear to their customers, as well as interesting and engaging. But they are not sure how.


Blogging is a great way to attract and engage your audience, especially if you are prepared to give away good quality information on a regular basis. It can be a challenge to regularly set aside the time to do this, and even more of a challenge to generate the ideas in the first place to write about. I can support with all of this and more.


Once I have partnered with you for a while, I will have developed an understanding of you and your business, as well as your tone of voice. With all of this in place, we can look out into your marketplace and identify themes and trends which may be of interest to your audience and generate blog content that you can share on your website, social media pages or in newsletters.


Any blog I produce for you would be optimised for search engines as part of the service.


When you partner with me, I will invite you to step out of your day-to-day environment, and come for an enjoyable, relaxed meeting where we can talk, ask questions and develop ideas. This is the creative process in action: and it is what generates the raw material that I take away and turn into something fancy.

"I would recommend her services to anyone seeking either CV or writing support for their business."


Ian Johnson, JTS EC&i

CV Writing

I have extensive experience of producing CVs, covering letters, personal statement and application forms that help move people to where they want to be in life.


To create your CV, we'll spend time together either in person or over the phone, and pause so that you can share in-depth your goals, aspirations and reasons for wanting to find a new job.


By understanding you and what makes you tick, as well as your unique talents, achievements and abilities, I can produce an expertly written and visually appealing CV that showcases what you can offer a prospective employer.


I have worked with people in a variety of industries including health, law, finance, IT, banking, counselling and psychotherapy, care, human resources, training and development as well as lots of people in the creative industries.


Prices start at just £60 and vary according to your level of experience.


Get in touch to find out more.

"I find her to be professional, diplomatic and emotionally intelligent."


Jessica Woolliscroft, EMDR

Creative Coaching


Sometimes, clients come to me with content for a book or other project that is already written, but have a strong sense that they need to do more to create the finished article.


I've coached people who needed a helping hand clarifying the key message of their book. I've also helped others with structuring content or character development. Others have wanted to explore their target market and how best to present the book to their readers.


Regardless of the reason for wanting assistance, the key is to work in collaboration, to respect the project, and give ideas the time and space required to reach maturity. Over a series of face-to-face or Skype/telephone consultations, we can explore your creative challenges and explore the best ways to overcome them.

"I never realised how many grammatical errors I made before I came to Ann - Phew! Don't publish without her!"


Lynn Allen

Proof & Editing

Get your work ship shape for sharing, print or publication.


Nothing keeps me awake at night, other than the possibility of a typo.


If you have a written document, for example, a CV, personal statement, or even a book that you'd like a professional eye over, then myself or one of my highly trusted colleagues can support.


I've worked closely with Georgia Laval at Laval Editing for the last four years. Georgia is known for her unrelenting eye for detail and ability to sensitively transform a piece of writing into something print-ready and error free.


Another of my trusted colleagues, Fin O’Súilleabháin, describes his dedication to grammatical accuracy as 'more of a disease than a vocation'... and while this isn't the most pleasant of images, I find the idea of having someone who can't countenance the idea of a spelling error hugely reassuring. At least when it comes to the role of a proofreader!


Get in touch to find out more about prices and time-scales.




"I had an idea for a book and wanted to have it written and printed within three months. No mean feat... but Ann wasn't phased in the slightest. She set to work and delivered a service that was beyond my wildest expectations. Not only did she produce exactly what I was looking for regarding content, but she handled every aspect of the project from getting ISBN numbers, printing, cover design, setting up an online shop and organising international shipping. She has since written an additional two books for me and over 250 blog posts. To say I would recommend her work to others is an understatement. She is professional, trustworthy, full of ideas and works with integrity to the highest standards."


World-renowned marketing guru and author, United Kingdom

"Ann has a unique gift of quickly getting to know her clients and their way of thinking. She then takes their message and turns it into succinct and engaging prose. Whether it’s her counselling background, I’m not sure, but Ann can reach inside and mirror precisely what I want to say in writing… saying what I’d love to be able to communicate.


I’m always delighted with the work she produces, and as a result, I’ve referred her to work with other people I know. When I've read the content she's created for these people, I hear their voice coming through, and so I know she can write for a wide range of individuals simultaneously, which is an incredible skill when you stop to consider it."


Tianne Croshaw, founder of The Resilience Wellbeing Partnership

"When I was looking for someone to help me finish my book, someone I know put Ann and I in touch. I’m so pleased our paths crossed!


I’m so excited with the result and positive changes Ann has brought to the book. Through her enquiry it has brought out more relevant information and the way Ann writes is gentle and thoughtful to those who will be receiving the written word.


I love her way of working and somehow she knows just what I’d like to say. She gets it! And with that she’s able to enhance the book, suggest headings, chapters, breaking things down into manageable chunks for the reader. I have already asked Ann to help me write the next book."


Rosie Lowry, Dog Behaviour Advisor, author and founder of Laid Back Dogs

"I frequently refer people to Ann for help with career planning or self-promotion or writing tasks such as preparing copy for a website. I have known Ann for many years now and find her to be professional, diplomatic and emotionally intelligent. She is particularly gifted at getting good readable articles out in record time based on a few moments discussion. Ann is also very good at encouraging people to look at their work differently."


Jessica Woolliscroft, EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant, Cheshire

"Ann was the brainchild behind the content for an engaging and unorthodox social media campaign that was designed to help sell my Berkshire home. The post was shared on social media over 400 times and the house sold within one week of being on the market. The estate agent who we advertised the house with were blown away with the creative approach and standard of writing and decided to hire her for a few projects too!"


Mandy Robinson, owner of Tudor House, Berkshire.

"We don't offer testimonials lightly but without request wanted to show our appreciation and thanks for everything you do for us. Your work is nothing less than sheer brilliance, is always delivered ahead of time and your consistent brilliant attitude to taking on 'difficult' jobs always leaves us aghast. Our only wish is that other suppliers offered the same level of service, you genuinely show them up!"


Richard Mead, Wealthball Marketing

"Ann has helped me on several projects now and is always a pleasure to work with. Professional, highly skilled and I will certainly be using her again in the future."


Tom O'Grady, founder of Growing with Life

"Ann wrote the content for my holiday lodge website, and I was incredibly impressed at how she was able to convey a sense of the surroundings and uniqueness of the location after just a few short telephone discussions. Without even visiting the lodge, she captured the spirit of the environment that I was hoping to convey, but couldn't. This is a unique gift, and I am looking forward to hiring Ann's services again in the future when I purchase another holiday cottage."



John Robinson, owner of Hideaway Lodge

"As a business owner, I’ve never needed a CV, until I decided to apply for chartered engineer status. I found Ann’s details, and we met up to discuss my requirements. Her attention to details and expertise were pivotal in securing me the accreditation.


That was five years ago, and she’s now an integral part of my business, providing support with the written copy for our website, marketing materials and anything else that needs a professional touch.


Her support with writing the JTS business policies and procedures has helped us gain the ISO accreditation for two years running. What’s even more impressive is that despite being an ‘outsider’ to the engineering world, she can turn her style to match the technical standard we need to convey to our clients with ease.


I love that I can pick up the phone to Ann and ask for support and within the required timeframe she’ll produce something that is beyond what I could have expected. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking either CV or writing support for their business."


Ian Johnson, Managing Director of JTS EC&I

"Ann organised and reorganised the book so that it flowed more easily and all this happened in such a subtle way. I looked forward to each of Ann's emails enriching every piece of work I did as we worked together on chapters. Altogether Ann is quite an amazing talented lady."


Rosie Lowry, Dog Behaviour Advisor, author and founder of Laid Back Dogs





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