Ann Lowe

The WriteTyper

"I frequently refer people to Ann for help with career planning or self-promotion or writing tasks such as preparing copy for a website. I have known Ann for many years now and find her to be professional, diplomatic and emotionally intelligent. She is particularly gifted at getting good readable articles out in record time based on a few moments discussion. Ann is also very good at encouraging people to look at their work differently"


Jessica Woolliscroft, EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant, Cheshire

"We don't offer testimonials lightly but without request wanted to show our appreciation and thanks for everything you do for us. Your work is nothing less than sheer brilliance, is always delivered ahead of time and your consistent brilliant attitude to taking on 'difficult' jobs always leaves us aghast. Our only wish is that other suppliers offered the same level of service, you genuinely show them up!"


Richard Mead, Wealthball Marketing


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I've been a self-employed writer for the last seven years and in this time have ghostwritten three books, and contributed to many others. I have supported a vast range of businesses with written content for blogs, websites, corporate communications and newsletters. I've had articles published in magazines and newspapers, particularly for the healthcare sector, and have a specific interest in psychotherapy, personal development, health, wellbeing and spirituality.


Prior to becoming self-employed, I worked in the recruitment industry for nine years and gained insight into the sort of CVs that get people shortlisted. In 2010, I made the decision to combine my writing expertise with this knowledge and began to offer a bespoke CV writing service. Since then, a key specialism has been to work with individuals across a variety of sectors, helping them to produce CVs, covering letters and personal statements that have helped them to secure jobs they love.


Trained by one of the UK’s leading internet marketers, I also know my stuff when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.



Why I do this work


My work doesn't feel like work, and for the most part I'd put it up there with 'breathing' as something that I simply have to do.


On a personal level, I have a deep and abiding commitment to service. One of the greatest joys I receive from my work is knowing I've helped someone put into words something they've been struggling to communicate. If I were asked to say what makes me able to offer this service, it's not 'technical ability' (although that's vital too!) but a genuine interest in people and what they have to say.


I've developed unique relationships with the people I write for: it's an 'intimate' business to journey alongside someone as they tell as story or share their passion for their work. And it's a responsibility I take seriously.



I'm a word nerd...


I’ve had a lifelong love of words and their power. When chosen mindfully, words can transform, heal, build and inspire. I love helping others to find precisely the right words to communicate their message, skills, talents and achievements so that they can offer these gifts to the world.


For as long as I can remember I've surrounded myself with the written word. As I child I produced (no doubt wildly boring!) magazines for my family to read. And to this day, there's nothing more exciting to me than the promise of a new notebook, diary or even a new pen.


This love led me to study Literature and Creative Writing in Liverpool and I achieved a BA (Hons) in 2002. Since then the world of literature has evolved hugely, with self-publishing opening up possibilities for a wider range of writers, and audio books changing how we engage with the written word. Social media has changed the way we read and access information and Google has transformed the way we organise words on a page. All of this I take into account when writing for clients.





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